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Make your home more comfortable, more energy efficient and save money on your heating bills.

If you live in a traditional home in Cheltenham you can make improvements to retain and enhance its character and make it more comfortable and energy efficient.

Warmer Cheltenham has all the information you need, at your finger tips, to be empowered to make responsible and holistic choices for your home.

  • What are the Opportunities available to you
  • What are the Permissions you may need
  • Get a better understanding of what to Consider, and so avoid unintended consequences
  • See Case Studies of what nearby households have already done
  • Check out an extensive list of Resources
  • Compile your own Personalised Report as a PDF

This project has only been possible with grant funding from Heritage Lottery Fund, SevernWye Energy Agency & personal contributions which allowed us to pay CSE (Centre for Sustainable Energy) for text & training and Encraft for developing the website. Thanks also go to Dave at Vision21 for continued encouragement and Dave Thorp of The Workshop for his graphics design work. The website content has been loaded by Alison Crane & Peter Clegg with in-depth testing by David Clegg & Rowena Kay – thank you all.