Open your home or garden with us

We’re always interested in adding further properties to our list. The property must be within Cheltenham or very near. We are seeking as many different types of property as possible and spread throughout Cheltenham to give the best possible coverage. Homeowners, landlords and those renting are all encouraged to participate.

Your property may have only one sustainable feature, but it may be the one no one else has for your property type or in that area of Cheltenham. Or, you may have several different sustainable features which will attract visitors interested to see how they function together or what the combined savings might be.

Words from just a few of our current owners

“I opened the house to showcase that it is possible to save energy and money with insulation and a vegetable garden without being some sort of ECO Warrior.”

“I just love the really genuine interest people have in living more sustainably, not just to save money but also because it feels the right thing to do.”

“I wanted to share with others the pleasure the garden and its wildlife give me and to show what can be achieved by respecting nature and avoiding chemicals.”

If you would like to become part of Cheltenham Green Doors the requirements are quite simple:

  • CGD_2014_InvitationLeafletbe available to open your home and or garden (in person) between the core times of 10am to 5pm Saturday and or Sunday (Timings to suit you but should be for a minimum of 4 hours).
  • be ready to talk to visitors about what you have done and to share your experience with them.
  • be prepared to have your property details listed on CGD’s website, in our visitors’ brochure and in Glos Media advertising and supplement.
  • be willing to display property OPE N signage prior to the event and during the weekend (the signage will be the size of an estate agent’s board).
  • attend an informal ‘Dos & Don’ts’ training session prior to the open weekend.

And we would be pleased if you agree to:

  • have a FREE Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) survey done for your property, if you do not already have one; and if appropriate display the certificate during the weekend and allow its results to be used in Cheltenham Green Doors marketing.
  • participate in CGD marketing, which may include local media articles and interviews and perhaps photographs of you and your property.
  • have a short video made about your property’s sustainable features (see Cheltenham Green Door’s website for examples of videos we made last year).

Get in touch with us if you’d like to take the next steps.