About us

The fossil fuels we use to heat our homes, clean and deliver our water, and produce and deliver our food, are significant contributors to climate change.

Is it possible to reduce your bills and make a small contribution to reducing carbon emissions? There are many people across Cheltenham who believe they can make a difference.

Cheltenham Green Doors is a collection of like minded people, within the Greater Cheltenham area, that have come together to promote a more sustainable approach to everyday living. We believe that through sharing ideas we can all broaden our knowledge and understanding of sustainable living practices, with the aim of making our own positive difference.

Our open event

For the last few years we’ve organised an Open Weekend, where home and garden owners in and around Cheltenham welcome visitors to help introduce them to how they are investing in and employing sustainable living practices.

This year the event takes place over the weekend of 12th and 13th September 2015. Each home and garden will welcome visitors at some point during the weekend.

To read more about it and view the location of the properties visit the Open Event page here.

You can also view the properties on our homes and gardens pages, where you find out more about them and when they will be open.


Our sponsors and supporters

We’re very fortunate to receive sponsorship and support from a range of prominent local organisations. You can view the full list on our supporters page here.

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