Cheltenham Green Doors has been supporting a BIGGY intern during August 2015. Lawrence (Loaf) has kick started a project with the objective of quantifying the total value of the green economy to Gloucestershire and if possible to extract accurate figures for Cheltenham. Many government organisations, national and local, and others quote numbers which can sound impressive about the number of jobs being, or have been, created in the Green Economy. But what the headline numbers often fail to specify is what these assessments are based on – CGD wanted to find the answers and Loaf our Biggy tenacious intern has been trying to find out. What actually constitutes the Green Economy? this question unearthed some surprises, the UK national government includes nuclear power as part of the Green Economy! In the four weeks of internship the most we hoped to achieve was to start collating relevant and up-to-date data, this I think we have done. If we can interest a Gloucestershire University DegreePlus intern this coming academic year then we can build upon this excellent start.

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Lawrence, as of last week has the A level’s he needs, is off to Cardiff University in Sept/October to study Human Geography so our CGD project is very applicable to his further studying.

BiGGY is a Gloucestershire based placement programme for young people over 18 years old. BiGGY will cultivate ties between pre-university students and businesses, to stimulate sustainable employment pathways for both graduates and businesses. It offers young people the chance to gain valuable and relevant work experience prior to university and develop an understanding of sustainability.

The BiGGY vision.

“To give students the opportunity to act as agents for positive change (social, environmental and economic) in communities, whilst developing employability skills and bridging the gap between school and University”

BiGGY is partnered with a number of businesses and charitable sector organisations across Gloucestershire. This is an exciting and unique placement programme which offers businesses the opportunity to meet, work with and secure highly motivated young people as future employees.

The Programme.
This is a 2 month paid placement programme for young people prior to University. The BiGGY Summer Placements 2015 are based in Gloucestershire and is open to any young people planning to go to university. Over the course of the 2 month programme young people will contribute to Gloucestershire businesses and the charitable sector bringing their creativity and fresh ideas to projects which promote sustainable practices in the organisations they work with. Alongside this, BiGGY participants will work together as a team to plan and deliver a Green project with the University of Gloucestershire Students’ Union TeamGreen.

Background to BiGGY.

With sustainability issues increasing in prevalence in all sectors, the demand for graduates with “the knowledge, abilities, values and attitudes needed to live in, develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society” (OECD, 2014). Whatever field graduates are hoping to move into on completing their studies, finding more sustainable ways of living and operating businesses will undoubtedly be an issue they face.

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